Frontenac Bird Studies – 2011 Report

Year three of Frontenac Bird Studies was officially completed with the draft of the final report yesterday. The document, with over 40 pages of data summaries and analysis, will be available on the Migration Research Foundation website in the coming weeks. It was a fascinating season – cold and wet then hot and dry, always buggy but so choc-full of wonder and discovery.

Thanks to all of the volunteers, donors and supporting staff from Ontario Parks for another successful year!

All the best to you and yours in 2012

Dan Derbyshire, FBS Coordinator

2 thoughts on “Frontenac Bird Studies – 2011 Report

  1. Nice eggs! Thanks again for being a window to this wonderful park. Have lots of fun this winter in preparation for more cold, wet, hot, dry, buggy fabulous birding πŸ™‚

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