Frontenac Bird Studies in 2010

Prairie Warbler by Tommy P (Creative Commons License)

Year two of Frontenac Bird Studies is on!


Our pilot field season of last year was an immensely rewarding and productive experience. Some highlights of the season included the documentation of over 100 records of Species at Risk, the installation of the first ever landbird demographic monitoring scheme for the region, the completion of over 200 point count surveys and the initiation of targeted studies for species of high conservation concern. Our experience made it clear that the Frontenac region is exceptionally diverse, rugged and deserving of attention. Migrants have begun trickling into the study area and we have already begun fieldwork for the 2010 season!

Rock barrens


What’s New for 2010

After a fall season spent compiling, analyzing and disseminating our results, we began work on setting a course for the future of Frontenac Bird Studies. In 2010 we will bolster our roster of Monitoring Avian Productivity & Survivorship (MAPS) stations to provide greater geographical and species coverage, which will enhance analytical precision and scope of avian demographic patterns in the region. In May, we will conduct an inventory of Louisiana Waterthrushes in Frontenac Provincial Park. We will also be initiating a thorough exploration and study of breeding birds of the rock barrens. This fascinating disturbance dependent habitat, though difficult to access and traverse, is home to a considerable number of rare and/or heavily declining birds such as Common Nighthawk and Prairie Warbler. These projects will be our top priorities but we will also be nest monitoring, point counting and searching out habitats not explored in 2009.

Louisiana Waterthrush by Gerry Downs (Creative Commons License)

Lending a hand

Frontenac Bird Studies is made possible through the support of our many volunteers, sponsors and private donors. Soon we will be announcing details of a new fundraising initiative for FBS. The fundraiser will directly support our operations and contribute to science and conservation at the same time! We hope that you will consider supporting FBS in 2010.

All of our activities will be extensively detailed on our website and blog so keep checking the site for updates and feel free to leave your comments and feedback!

Funding Announcements

We are thrilled to announce that The John Hackney Foundation for the Noosphere has continued their funding support for 2010. We are honoured to have been selected as a funding recipient by Swish Maintenance Ltd., a devout corporate sponsor of Ontario Parks projects. A big thanks are due to JHF and Swish for their pledge to avian monitoring and conservation in the Frontenac Arch!

Wishing you a warm and lively spring!

Dan Derbyshire
Project Lead, Frontenac Bird Studies

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