Ravens at Clearwater

Nesting site along the cliffs across the lake

In this post from early June of last year I wrote about three recently fledged Common Ravens that were found near Clearwater Lake. This is a small but deep oligotrophic lake that is probably best known for its population of Brook Trout. I regularly pass through this area at this time of year and usually notice the clamorous activity of ravens along the lake edge. The noise reminded me to check the cliff for active nests when I passed by last week. It didn’t take long to spot the nest immediately above some rock covered in white wash. The following photos show an adult brooding and three youngsters waiting for food. Unfortunately the photos were taken from a distance of about 100m, which made them pretty grainy but the idea of leaning over the cliff for a better closeup just didn’t appeal.  Common Ravens are regular breeders in the area however this particular record was the first for us since we began in 2009 – very cool!

Incubating adult
Three nestlings

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