Common Nighthawk nest update

Incubating nighthawk (S.Leckie)
Incubating nighthawk (S.Leckie)

The Common Nighthawk nest first discovered at our Rock Ridge MAPS site is still active. This adult, probably a female, spent the morning of June 16th incubating eggs in the blistering sun and seemed to be catching up on some sleep as well. I called in Seabrooke to sweep by on a net check with her long lens for a photograph and it turned out very nicely as usual. The eggs have been incubated since at least June 2, which means that the chicks should hatch no later than June 21 if they haven’t already. We will be back for our third visit to the site around the middle of next week and will hopefully find two “nighjarlets” at the little rock outcropping. I will also be conducting two point count routes in rock barren habitat next week. Each route will be four kilometres long, which gives me a good opportunity to turn up some more of these fascinating birds.

Whip-poor-wills, waiting for the next full moon to approach, have been quiet of late but we did flush three individuals from Canoe Lake (1 bird) and Perth (2 birds) Rds on our pre-dawn drive to Rock Ridge on the 16th.

One thought on “Common Nighthawk nest update

  1. There’s something about these guys – their appearance – that is truly captivating. They remind me of rockfish.
    I hope her dedication pays off and there are, indeed, nightjarlets about for your next visit.

    There’s a spotted sandpiper I’m following that is nesting on a small slope leading to the beach on Lake Ontario that is similarly exposed. I will be taking a look today to see if she was able to withstand the recent heavy rain & wind.

    Happy sightings on your rounds next week!

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